Klipsch Reference XR8i Hybrid In-Ear Headphones 混合單元平衡電樞入耳式耳機 - Black

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The black XR8i Hybrid In-Ear Headphones from Klipsch are audiophile quality in-ear headphones designed for playing back music as well as taking calls from your iOS or mobile device. The headphones combine KG-723 balanced armature driver with a 6.5mm dual magnet dynamic sub-woofer driver to deliver accurate and high energy sound without distortion. The XR8i feature a highly durable and high-quality enclosure that uses physical vapor deposition to create a gunmetal finish. The in-line directional mic and 3-button remote is optimized to work with compatible iOS devices. Klipsch includes 5 pairs of their oval ear-tips to assure a comfortable fit while providing up to 26 dB of noise isolation. The XR8i Hybrid also ship with a clothing clip, and a carrying case.

    • Hybrid Design - Home Theater Sound - Combining the thundering, rich bass of R6i's custom 6.5mm dual magnet dynamic driver with the exceptional tonal balance and high-frequency definition of the KG-723 balanced armature, the Klipsch XR8i Hybrid In-Ear Headphones deliver sound only paralleled by a home theater
    • High Clarity Balanced Armature - Klipsch's custom, single full-range KG-723 balanced armature delivers cleaner, more natural sounding vocals and defined upper frequencies only achievable through balanced armature technology
    • Bass-Tuned Dynamic Subwoofer - XR8i utilizes a 6.5mm dual magnet dynamic driver to reproduce low, sub-bass. With a moving coil driver focused on reproducing only low frequencies, the XR8i creates the headroom necessary to drive highly-dynamic recordings with high energy and without distortion
    • Die-Cast Zinc and Co-Molded Elastomer Housing - X6i's minimal design combines sturdy die-cast zinc for the front housing, optimally weighted to stay put inside your ear canal. The high quality and durable rear housing is built from co-molded elastomer, a two-layer design with a rigid inner layer for support and a soft-touch pliable outer layer for comfort
    • Patented Oval Ear Tips - Soft, flexible oval ear tips naturally fit the contours of the ear canal for comfortable, long-term wear and create a perfect acoustic seal for superior noise isolation
    • Advanced 3-Button Mic and Remote - Offers seamless control of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod while listening to music, watching movies and answering phone calls
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    類別 Type KG-723 balanced armature tweeter
    KG-065 dynamic woofer
    單元直徑 Driver Diameter
    驅動單元 Magnet
    頻率響應 Frequency Response 10 Hz ~ 20,000 Hz
    靈敏度 Sensitivity 110dB SPL @ 1 mW
    隔音效果 Passive Noise Attenuation -26 dB
    最大承受功率 Max. Input Power
    最大輸出 Max. Output
    阻抗 Impedance 50 ohms @ 1 kHz
    內置咪高峰 Built-in Microphone Yes
    音量控制 Volume Control Yes
    iOS控制 iOS Control Yes
    導綫 Cable
    重量 Weight 0.9 oz / 25.0 g
    插頭 Connector 3.5mm Jack
    隨機附件 Accessories Patented Oval Ear Tips (4 Different Pairs)
    Carrying Case + Clothing Clip
    顏色 Colour Black
    保養 Warranty 1 years
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    The genesis of something, very very special occurred in a tiny tin shed in Hope, Arkansas in 1946 when Paul W. Klipsch, genius, madman and maverick, designed and hand-built the legendary Klipschorn® speaker with the goal of bringing live music into his living room. 

    He was an American audio pioneer, a true eccentric and a proud member of the engineering and science hall of fame. He gave rise to speaker technologies that would forever impact generations of music lovers. His passion enabled theirs.

    Over time, Klipsch speakers have become the stuff of legends. People swear by our breakthroughs in modern acoustics, citing something akin to a religious experience with every listen.


    PWK's revolutionary sound lives on today in every hyper-efficient horn loaded product we make.

    Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, our world-class speakers and headphones allow people to connect with their favorite music like no other brand by delivering the power, detail and emotion of the live music experience. 

    From immersive cinema speakers, to mind-blowing home theater systems, incredibly clear soundbars, powerful portable wireless speakers and the most comfortable studio-quality in-ear monitors on the planet, we’ve been impacting lives with vibrant, true audio for the better part of a century.

    Remember great sound? We never forgot. We are here to keep the flame burning for our legions of loyal, rabid fans. We’re here to pass the legacy along. We are knights and humble servants of audio’s holy grail. 

    We are Keepers of the Sound. Big Sound. No Bullshit.